Album for Youth “Ze Stodůlek”, Op. 90

12' (2021)


Cycle of compositions for pupils of elementary art schools.

  1. Prokop's Valley
  2. Spring Breeze
  3. The Burgrave is coming
  4. Waltz from the “White Lamb Pub”
  5. Polka from “Hajčí dvůr”
  6. Metronome Tango
  7. Dance of the Burgrave
  8. Rusalka's Waltz 14
  9. "Let Me Dream" 19
  10. "Catch Me"

"At the reviewed concert, the author prepared a transparent comparison of his instructive and concert work and both spheres attracted the packed hall. The first area included the performance of the cycle Album for Youth "Ze Stodůlky", which was played partly by pupils of the Elementary Art School Prague-Stodůlky (from the classes of Karine Bartůňková and Tomáš Vrána), and in the form of a comprehensive cycle it was presented with perfection by pianist Ivan Horňák. On the one hand, Trojan's Album is written by an experienced teacher with a feeling for the children's world, but on the other hand, it does not pander to cheap, appealing music. The child performer is drawn into the world of melody and vertical extended tonality or modality of contemporary music, into the world of modern consonances, and thus solves many interpretative puzzles with his teacher in an inspirational way. There are more such places in free movements (for example, Let Me Dream) and all lovers of non-commercial music enjoyed them at the concert with pleasure. In addition, the compositions are full of witty rhythms, often with the ambition of movement (for example, Rusalka's Waltz). Trojan's Album will certainly find its fans in the future for its qualities."

Jiří Bezděk, review of the Author's Evening of Pavel Trojan, which took place on 20 September 2022 in the Church of St. Lawrence in Prague, Opera PLUS, 22.9.2022.

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Album for Youth “Ze Stodůlek”, Op. 90

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