Aphorisms, Op. 74

7'  (2018) 

clarinet, accordion, guitar

Concert piece in 6 movements. Premiered at the New Music Square 2 Festival (2019).

In 2022 recorded on CD Pavel Trojan - Poetic Accordion.

A similarly expressive musical imagination can be heard in Aphorisms for clarinet, guitar and accordion. Trojan has also used some of the musical motifs presented here in his ballet The White Fawn. However, in the form of concise and austere "aphorisms", the composer was primarily thinking about the instrumental configurations and the sonic possibilities arising from this combination. His composition does not lack energy in contrast with tenderness. There is a charming stylization into a "country" band, playing with dynamics and other ingenious ideas. Noteworthy are the brilliant interpretations of clarinetist Milan Polák, guitarist Jara Novák and accordionist Ladislav Horák.

Milan Bátor, CD review, portal Klasika PLUS, October 2022



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Aphorisms, Op. 74

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