Ballet Scenes, Op. 49

16'  (2010) 

vln1, vln2, vla, cello - acc


Four movement composition for string quartet and accordion. Premiered at the Festival  New Music Square 2 (2010).

Author's note:

"Ballet Scenes for string quartet and accordion were created in 2010 for the New Music Square 2 Festival, which is organised with the support of the Czech-German Future Fund. It is not ballet or program music, but the possibility of its connection with the movement of the dancer (or dancers) I had in mind during the composition. Hence perhaps a certain lightness, even danceability, of all the movements." 

Recorded in 2022 on the CD Pavel Trojan - Poetic Accordion.

"Ballet Scenes for accordion and string quartet was written in 2010. They are four musical "scenes" accompanied by a distinctive movement dramaturgy. Apollon Quartet together with Ladislav Horák play this music with great commitment and restless vigour. Their conception is dynamically drawn and juicy. Of course, Ballet Scenes is not about traditional ballet music, but an impressive illustration of the potentialities that movement choreography offers as a key inspiration"


Milan Bátor, CD review, portal Klasika PLUS.



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Ballet Scenes, Op. 49

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