Hry pro hoboj a klavír, Op. 51 Cantabile for Violin and Piano - Pavel Trojan

Cantabile for Violin and Piano

6' (2000)

Violin, Piano 


Autorské slovo:

"The composition was commissioned by the Mozartiana Iuventus Festival for a concert cycle at Prague's Bertramka, the place where W. A. Mozart stayed during his visits to Prague. The wish of the commissioners was for me to compose a composition for violin and piano that would somehow be linked to the legacy of W. A. Mozart or Bertramka.  For example, there was the possibility of creating variations on a theme by Mozart or somehow quoting his music and so on. Although this was a tempting idea for me, because I like the form of variations very much, I chose the option of a somewhat more abstract binding. When I considered what contemporary classical music most omits from Mozart's legacy, it seemed to me that, despite the postmodern shift in understanding music, shyness still seemed to prevail before the melody or the entertaining function of classical music. Since both were commonplace in Mozart's time, I wrote a composition in two movements, the first of which is based on melody and the second is playfully danceable."

Note: Cantabile for violin piano can be played either alone or as the first movement of a cycle in two parts with Capriccio for violin piano.



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Cantabile for Violin and Piano

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